Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some picture updates

DSCF2219angie & curt

On thanksgiving my daughter found out my mom had a shopping bag full of smaller plastic bags that had all kind of loose coinage from around the globe, mostly from the 60's and 70's. my grandfather traveled all over the world as a chemical engineer for American Cyanamid and while he changed back bills at the airport he threw loose coins in bags that my greatgrandfather kept and gave to my mom. So my daughter went threw and picked out a bunch that were "cool looking" and she is going to try to solder them to a metal cuff bracelet as a souvenir from her great-grandfather.


Sarah aka horse dog. My mom's akita. Has the sweetest disposition you could ever ask for - kinda retarded though.



Angie ( both pic's on the left) at the NJ div of the US Fencing Association's under 20 qualifiers for the junior olympics. She did horrible. Her worst tournament ever. She was actually crying when she left. She knew what she was doing wrong, just couldn't fix it. I am terrible when it comes to crying. First off there shouldn't be crying in sports!! Second I try kinda lamely to stop the crying. When that doesn't work I really have to stop myself from yelling at the crying. Seriously - I am not the person to turn to when you need comforting. I don't take comforting well either - I just want to be left alone , or storm around ( or unload trucks hee hee) So I have no idea how to stop the crying, bad mom yes I am. So i told her, she hasn't been fencing since the spring and she blew off 3 lesson/open fencing sessions. She was competing against some of the best kids in NJ. Most of whom fence year round. Seriously what did she expect?? Well starting yesterday she has fencing practice at school Mon to Fri for 2 1/2 hours and she has lessons/open fencing tues and thurs night until meets start and then it's tuesday or thursday as the meet schedule dictates. She was on a mission at practice yesterday. She was soaked when she came home last night, so I guess it motivated her anyway.


  1. Thanks for your comment. I do have the best sisters.

    And we can always use another, whoever and wherever we are!

  2. What a fun post for me!

    I used to collect coins when I was a teenager. I think Mexican ones were my favorites. A coin charm bracelet would be amazing, especially one with sentimental value like that. I wish I still had my collection.

    I love big dogs so much. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback that grew way above standard size and I love her all the more for it. :) Akitas are just wonderful when well bred. Every one I have ever met was just a joy. That's a really handsome one (even if she's dumb, LOL.) :)

    And I used to fence too! Wow, I remember the bruises. And I was never any good at it. Tough girl you have.

    Hope you're enjoying your winter!


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