Monday, December 8, 2008


OMG! I was in a swap for my Go Fast Knit Left group on Ravelry. ( I will post pictures of what I sent Bextra on Sunday when she will hopefully have it by then) Michelle's box was waiting for me on the stoop when I got home from the worst day ever.... it is now the best day ever!!

First off - I love penguins do you not love this paper?

swap from Michelle

Then since we all know I need to start using red yarn now that Tony has gone red...

swap from Michelle

I wish you could feel the yarn! It has such good hand feel!

And the bestest?? My officially first item of Stewart-haas racing!! ( The stuff Curt bought doesn't ship until the 10th)

swap from Michelle

I so want to wear the shirt tomorrow ( yes for all you Jeff Foxworthy fans I is a redneck) but we are doing physical inventory and I don't want to mess it up. Wednesday I have to wear a 49er shirt to casually rub it in to Carl that the 9ers won and the Cowboys lost. So Thursday or Friday definitely.

Thank you sooooooo much Michelle!!!

And this!!! Hidden under the tissue paper..



  1. i am SOOOOOOO glad you like it!! :)

  2. Beautiful yarn. Great colors. It looks like you had a great swap.

  3. great swap gift, she knew you so well, sorry to hear inventory is not going well, we will have to get together and hash it out!!! Last night I had your bug, but seem to be better today, lets hope!!!


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