Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Felting updates

I needed a new bag in red - since Tony went from orange to red. So using the trusty Amanda's squatty bag from knitting daily I added in the black V.


I was going to use a black and white button, but when I was in Michael's today I saw some really beautiful red/black/white glass pendant beads. So I guess it depends on how big the loop felts up.

I also redid the dumpling bag from Fall 2008 Interweave knits. I didn't have the yarn called for, but I went with 2 stands of cascade 220 and one strand of lion wool. I also went up one needle size to 15. I used some thick shell rings that I really hope survive the felting process. To echo the 49er colors, I made the viney thing in goldenrod.

dumpling bag

I was also going to through some white on as well, but while having coffee and dessert at Mara's with Grace this afternoon, I had expressed my concern that it would turn pink. She suggested I try the yarns in hot water together before felting. So I took the little snips of red and black out of the garbage and nuked them for 1 minute with some hot water and a piece of the white yarn

was white

As you can see it did turn pink. A pretty shade of pink, but pink none the less. Pink - while appropriate on a Dallas Cowboy inspired bag, is not appropriate on a 49er bag. So I pulled out all the white, and will come back and make white french knots after the felting has dried.

Yes, I went to Mara's and had the most wonderful hazelnut mousse cake you can imagine. With what has quickly evolved into my favorite Mara's drink a large Cafe Dulce.. Yum. As usual I was late, and forgot to bring actual knitting. Grace was working on what I assumed would be a shawl in Noro sock. The way the colors were working together with 2 strands together was wonderful. i especially liked when the purple started lining up with the gold, gorgeous. I just love Noro's colorways, and Grace can make a gorgeous shawl out of twine I think.

Curt went out bowling, and Angel had been out with her fencing friends. I think after 7 days together ( ok Angie has been in and out with practice and a tournament and hanging with her friends) we just needed an afternoon away from each other! currently Angie is putting everything away in her room after "THE PAINT JOB" Before and after pictures will be posted probably this weekend.

Off to Shop Rite for ingredients for New Year's Eve. I'm looking at it as I survived 2008 yay! 2009 has just got to be better... right? ....... right?


  1. Your bags look great. I hope you have a Happy New Year.

  2. Everything looks beautiful I am so glad the testing worked and thank you for the compliments I agree the hazelnut mousse cake was awesome!!!!


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