Friday, December 19, 2008

General Updates

Sorry, there haven't been any interesting updates this week. I really feel like some kind of soul-vampire has been sucking the life out of me. Monday, I ended up leaving work late, but I made it to grace's before 3. Our little knitting group met up at her house instead of mara's this week for a Christmas get together. Grace wanted to have someone see her Christmas decorations. OMG! When I tell you Santa's house is not so decorated. Of course, me the dummy, wrote down the wrong apartment number at 3am, so I'm wandering around the complex looking. And I was on the opposite side from where the buildings are labeled! Finally I found it, and seriously - look on the right side and click on loving comfort knits, she posted pictures, Her place looked amazing! And I absolutely love her tree! Sandy gave me a tin of homemade really yummy cookies and mini muffins. Grace had party favors a skein of red angora/wool yarn, a green candle and a thread crocheted snowflake! I ended up staying a bit longer than the other 2, to finish my coffee and chatted some more. Grace's husband Tom had come home early, and the three of us had a great conversation. Grace had always told me that Tom and I would get along great if we ever got together. (blame carpet fumes). Thank you Grace!

The rest of my week went downhill. Tuesday was horrible , over 300 price changes. Left work late - again. Got home knit for a while, fell asleep on the couch. Curt came home sounding terrible, i told him he was getting a sinus infection on Sunday - did he listen - NNNOOOOOO!!!! Wednesday, I was moping around as I worked, the only plus being that about 120 of the price changes were key blanks going on clearance. So at least I could find them. But bending down in the little booth killed my knees. And could someone explain why bother marking down key blanks?? it's not an impulse thing, if you're getting a key cut you need a specific blank - you can't get a cheaper blank if it is wrong!! I went back to receiving before lunch and Dan tried cheering me up because it was carpet delivery day. Even the thought of a carpet delivery did nothing for me!! ( now you really know how down in the dumps I was)

After lnch I went back to recv, because we got an extra roll of vinyl that needed to be put in the rack. I heard the air brakes as I was putting on the boom. Then when i was grabbing the vinyl I heard the trailer bump and the air brake hiss again. When I didn't go skipping out the door, Dan figured it wasn't the carpet truck so came around to look outside. He let C in and said it is your truck cheer up already. I told him that even C with the 2 rolls and rugs wasn't cutting it. ( turns out I had 7 rolls) Ok, anyone who knows me knows that between 7 rolls and C I was in a significantly better mood by the time i left. (late again) Curt finally went to the dr and YES boys and grls he had a sinus infection...... told ya so! And was moping around, I did about half the laundry and went to sleep.

Yesterday, I only worked for 5 hours and went home. I was going to do a bunch of stuff.... nope, fell asleep until it was time to go get my nails done. made dinner, had to drive angie to her fencing lesson, and it was 930 when we got home, I went to sleep. getting the gist, sleep. I only do that when i'm depressed, I really can't even get into Christmas!!


  1. Yeah, you're having a week like mine but in a different dimension. Hang in there!

  2. I hate depression at Christmas and I too have been dealing alot with it, especially since I had such a wonderful time on Monday then it was like a huge let down the rest of the week. Tom just left now to go Christmas shopping and then we have to go gingerbread house decorating, I plan to clean up my closet and then knit for awhile, with a Christmas movie on WE just got in from breakfast and just as I started climbing the stairs I started having a panic attack, luckily its a mild one but why do these sneak up on me.

    Hope you feel more chipper soon. I will see you Tuesday!!


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