Sunday, December 7, 2008


For the past 2 days I have been trying to clean up. I have actually sorted ..umm... most of my yarn, by color except sock yarn which is together and some yarn bought for specific projects.


Still working on the rest- I got a cubie thing for mags books, needles access. sigh more pics when done. debating on before pics - too horrific.

I did get a comforter bag and pretty much filled it with partial skeins of washable yarn for next years VJGC afghan - only doing 1 or squares. seriously can't deal with that deadline again.

afghan yarn

I did finish Angie's cowl


Right now I absolutely feel like crap. I have developed some serious stomach cramps. Watching the 49ers is not helping any. Took some immodium hopefully it kicks in soon.


  1. I always get sick to my stomach whenever I start going through the stash. Something about the amount of it, what to do with all of it, and where to put all of it, so I don't keep forgetting about all I have planned and buy more. I hope you feel better soon, your stash looks wonderfully organized.

  2. look in the tissue paper that was under the shirt...


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