Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angie got her DL.....finally

So I guess three times is the charm. As I have mentioned in prior posts, Angie had failed her driver's license exam twice! The first time she did not use her turn signal once over the entire course. The examiner came up to me after her test and said she did a textbook parallel park ( thanks carl!) but didn't signal in or out so she failed. There was a stop sign that was on a bit of an incline. (both her father and I drive stick shifts, not automatics) and she didn't roll back at all. But she was turning right and didn't signal. Failed that. Didn't signal for her K-turn- failed that. Her second time through, she hit a cone entering the course. That is an automatic fail. So on Thursday, Curt took her to her test. ( If she failed again she would have to wait 30 days not 14) He texts me, just as I'm getting in the shower that she stalled at the beginning of the course. So I'm pissed for the entire shower. Like I had it!! First I'm thinking that's it, I'm not taking her anymore, she can only go places she can walk. Then I'm like I'll call the driving school, have them give her a refresher and take her for the re-test. And when she buys herself a car and insurance (it's the insurance that would be the killer for someone without a job) she can drive. So I get out of the shower and text Curt did she pass or fail, no response. So I call his phone. She answers and says she has to go back in a year!! A year!! I was so pissed I hung up the phone. You have no idea. She calls me back and tells me it's because NJ gives out a restricted license at 17 and she has to go back in a year to get her regular license. GRRRRRR. Now I'm worried she's watched too much racing with me!! I already threatened her about that though. So here's to safe driving! And those of you living in NJ may want to be a little bit cautious if you see a young girl behind the wheel of a berry saturn or a blue VW!


  1. I was very happy when Jennifer got her license and very worried at the same time. Congratualtions to Angie and try not to worry too much.

  2. wow, you have a tough driving test. I think all my daughter had to do was drive down the street form the dmv and do a 3 point turn not miss any signals and drive back to the dmv. she did have the graduated license thing and could not drive after 9 for the first 6 mos I can't remeber the rest. I am sure she is very happy about getting her license. I was happy when my daughter got her's because she could drive herself to her part time job and any school actitvies. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Oh I am so glad I read this you left a bit out when i saw you thursday!!! I am happy for her and I am here to keep you sane as the "Mom can I take the car" starts!!!!


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