Friday, February 20, 2009

Yarn Group Trip

Our knitting group had talked about a yarn shopping trip one day, and since I was off this week, we decided to go on Thursday. (Unfortunately Jacqui wasn't able to make it this week). As none of us had ever been to Why Not KNit in Chester, we were going to go there and then since Chester is one of those quaint town with a great walking downtown, and stop somewhere for lunch. ( would you believe that weird chicken is the first picture to come up when I google images Chester, nj?) Sandy had tried calling the store several times on Wednesday, leaving messages and again on Thursday. Since she was getting no response, and while not far, Chester is a bit distant to go and find the store closed. So neither Grace no I had ever been to Down Cellar in Basking Ridge we decided to go there instead.

The above picture came off their web page, the picture is from their old store. It was very small ( I have yet to be in a large yarn store) packed to the ceiling literally with yarn. They also have addi's circs and a lot of bamboo needles. It was also very, very warm. I found 3 skeins of malabrigo silky merino in vigo. The perfect color in my search for yarns inspired by Tony's new ride. The red and black and thegreys (his nickname is smoke after all) I was going to ask if they had bamboo cable needles, but I thought the one salesperson was kinda snotty to Sandy about her sweater ( which is gorgeous - all knids of colorwork I would never do) and ya'll know how much I despise asking for help in a store anyway. We ended up having a fabulous lunch at a restaurant called "the store" When Sandy first brought it up, both Grace and I thought it was tables in the back of a suoermarket. But it was a really cozy little place. They had cheesesteaks and fries. I had a chicken caesar salad wrap. Grace got lemon merengue pie, that looked wonderful. EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS. We then went back to Sandy's place for some more chatter and to pay attention to her cute spaniel.


silky merino


  1. The yarn is just beautiful. I am sure it will work into something wonderful!

  2. the 5th color has not appeared yet, there will be 4 large blocks of white according to the schematics!!!

    Play with those quesidillias add, jelly, or cream cheese, or fluff, they are really good

    Decided on houlihans for dinner tonite with Debb and sister's family!

    My word verification is Tat on

  3. Ok, now Angie is insisting that marscapone cheese would be perfect. So I'll let you know.


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