Monday, February 16, 2009

New Recipe!!

Ok, did you ever have one of those nights when you have absolutely no clue what you are in the mood to eat for dinner? And if you are like me and have an entire bookcase (not bookshelf) of cookbooks, but looking in them is too much work? As is looking in the little file box of cutouts. So after working 12 hours ( I have mentioned back in December how it seems like going on vacation always results in a couple 12 hour days before I leave and another couple when I return... why do I go??) I found myself staring in the refridgerator for the dinner gods to drop some inspiration on me. And I came up with an AWESOME (if I do say so myself) recipe. Requiring only stuff I keep in my fridge. ( I never got the hang of making a menu and then shopping. I mean what if I don't want spaghetti 3 days from now. And if I'm making fish I go back to the store that day anyway) So I end up with weird assortments of food in my fridge. ( you should see what I come up with when I have 3 or 4 unrelated ingredients approaching the end of their shelflife.) Well, enough - here is the recipe. I do apologize, my daughter and her friend scarfed up the extra one I was going to photograph. Also another apology - I never measure, even when using a cookbook recipe. So this is as close as I can come up with.

Chicken pesto pockets

1 can of Pillsbury Recipe creations crescent dough ( you can use regular , but this is not cut into triangles)
A handful of leftover roast chicken from Saturday(yours can be from anyday you want doesn't have to be from a Saturday - or you can buy the packages from Perdue of pre roasted chicken shreds) diced up pretty small.
A handful of shredded pizza cheese. (you know in the bag has like 4 cheeses mine was sorrento)
half a handful of parmesan/romano ( I buy it pre-grated in the cheese shop at Shop Rite)
5 baby portabellas destemmed and sliced
A teaspoon ( like you use for tea/coffee not a measuring spoon) heaped diced garlic
A soup spoon of butter
pepper ( I used white because I didn't know we ran out of black peppercorns)
3 soupspoons (heaping) of pesto sauce - the kind in the refridgerator section. the only jarred pestos I like was MC at A&P but I haven't seen that in a few years or one kind of jar you can get at WHole Foods. But really if you're game to try this use whatever kind you like.

So first in a little pan melt the butter and brown the mushrooms and garlic adding a bit of pepper. After they are browned dice them up. Add them to a bowl with all the other ingredients except the dough and mix up. Cut the dough in half ( if you have a larger cutting board than mine you may not have to do this) roll it out until about twice the size. Cut into six squares. Put a soupspoon (heaped) of mixture in the center of each square. Bring opposite corners together and pinch then pinch the 4 diagonal seams. Repeat with the other half of the dough. Put on baking sheet lined with foil ( ok foil probably unnecessary but it makes it easier for hubby to clean the sheet.) Bake at 375 for 12 minutes or until the dough browns. I warmed up some left over basil garlic tomato sauce from friday ( again leftover from any evening would probably work as well) to dip them in. I made salad and couscous( boiled chicken broth with some browned onions, garlic, sundried tomatoes diced small and basil - added the couscous covered off heat until done) it was yummy.

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  1. Wow this looks yummy even if it is breakfast time when I read it. :-)


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