Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I realized a couple of months ago that Ravelry ( the knitting site/community) was cutting seriously into my actual knitting time. As I have over 5000 posts in just over a year, that averaged out to about 360 a month. The most dangerous were the word games ( word association, scrabble etc) So I ignored those threads and in the last 30 days I posted 218 times. I'm good with that - everything in moderation after all. You can really tell that the race season is starting up can't you? 156 of my posts 71% are in the three race groups I'm in. I haven't quite figured out what that actually says about me. Or that most of the 19 posts in the MCNJK group revolve around us working out the date of our next knitting group meeting at Mara's - which gives me my caffeine fix as well. Sigh.


  1. Racing? I never would have guess that you like racing! LMAO

  2. 5000 posts! Wow. Just lurking keeps me away from my yarn. I love ravelry, so I made it my start page.


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