Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tony's Press Conference

Tony came in third last night. Totally awesome!! Remember folks, this is the first time out with a new team that only had a couple months to get everything ready for this season to start. The first race with a new crew chief ( I miss Zippy:( Zippy had his hands full, Tony likes a loose race car. If he's complaining about his car being too loose, most other drivers would have wrecked. Without testing this year I guess Zippy loaded the car up based on his notes from last year - with Tony in the car. Logano spent the practices complaining about being way too loose. Zippy fixed it and Logano wrecks in the begining part of the race anyway) First live pit stop with a pit crew ,that while the guys practiced all off season, have never serviced a car together under race conditions before. Tony had an amazing crew over on the 20 team - most of them have been together for the 10 years the team had been in existence - and they fired off some crazy fast stops. He managed to avoid the big wrecks - and judging from the shootout and the ARCA race, the 125's are going to be really interesting. There may be some really fast cars not in the 500 due to wrecks in the duels. 57 cars showed up for the 500, only 43 get to race so 14 are going home.

Here's the link to Tony's post race press conference

I wish I could find the link to his interview right after getting out of the car. He totally had the twinkle he gets when he's happy with a race. Last season was such a struggle , we didn't see that twinkle often.

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  1. Wow third! That is an awesome finish. Go, Tony!


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