Friday, February 6, 2009

Great Blogger Contest.

Check out inspired mamamusings blog. She is having a contest from now until Feb 11. The prize is a $100 blog redesign by summer. GOOD LUCK if you enter. BTW: Curt found out about my blog the other day. Not found out found out, but happened to come up behind me when I was working on it. I wasn't keeping it from him because I had anything to hide or didn't want him to know what I was posting (pretty much anything I post here is only what I would tell my friends at work, so nothing overly juicy) But because he is a network manager computer/internet guru nerd. I was kind of afraid that since I basically just use a blogger template and don't do anything fancy and since sometimes my blog is pretty sad even to me, I thought he'd make fun of me. Yes mockery, and sarcasm are 2 activities we have in common. But he was actually impressed ( not sarcastically, genuinely) that 1. I have a blog 2. I figured out how to create a blog 3. It has colors and pictures and links and things. I was momentarily all happy and warm and fuzzy, when I realized hmmm, so he didn't think I could figure this meager amount out? His answer is well the internet is not really your thing and you really aren't interested in learning more about technology than you need to. Hmmm, but I use a computer at work and can get more info out of it than anyone in the building. His answer - because you need to be the best at work, at home you tend to get your teenage daughter to do stuff for you. He said next time he thought of it he'd pick me up a book I could understand and use. ( so written ala Dr Sueuss?? ) So he said he was proud of me and gave me a kiss. You really can't argue with the man when he kisses....

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