Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knitting Updates

So here are the long promised knitting photo's. First, the catbeds I made. Kittyfostermom from Ravelry is going to try to make it to knitting group on Friday afternoon and I am going to give these to her for her cat rescue efforts. She was trying to get enough that the cats could take them to their forever home with them!



they really did hook up quickly. I did one at each of Angies last two fencing meets.

Now my socks. I know this is not the best yarn for this pattern, and the pattern would be better served by a more solid or longer colorway'd yarn. And I probably will make them again in such yarn. But I don't care. I wanted this yarn and this pattern ( so there!!)



I think for my Malabrigo I bought last week I am going to make a pair of fingerless mitts and either Amy , cockle shell or vegas sands ( all cowls that can be found on ravelry) I love ice queen, but am not ready to tackle beads at this time.


  1. i totally should make one of these for our cat. I could felt it easy. Thanks for the inspiration. I want to make a cowl too♥

  2. I made ice queen without the beads, you just knit whereever there is a bead symbol, it is my favorite of them all!!

    Love your pictures

  3. Love the beds, you are so sweet to do that. The kitties will love them too.

    Geesh, look at all the knitting needles you need to make socks! I admire you for that. I'm struggling with a dishcloth! LOL


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