Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Anniversary!!

So Thursday was Curt and my anniversary. I really can't believe we've been together that long. Obviously the man is a saint, hee hee. He is a huge George Clinton fan. Me - never heard of the guy before I met Curt, and I still really am not a fan. I can tolerate it for short periods of time, but mostly when we're together Curt listens to my music. We did go to a concert around ten years ago at the Community Theater in Morristown. It was very interesting to say the least. Anyway - we went into Manhattan on Thursday evening to BB King's near Times Square. It was really dim- great if you have an ugly date! In order to create their "pit" area, they moved 4 person tables next to 2 person tables and then sat 8 people at them. Kinda too close for me especially sitting next to strange strangers.
Rather than order dinner we split a bunch of appetizers. The catfish fingers were excellent and they had the most interesting Nachos. Instead of taco meat and sauce, they used pulled pork, beef and chicken then covered it with barbeque sauce. there was still jalapeno's, sour cream, and guacamole on top as well. Yummy! I'm going to do my own version at home.
George Clinton is an interesting kind of guy to say the least. he is a great musician, even though it isn't my kind of music I have to give him credit for that. But at the last concert we went to there was so much pot being smoked, that I was afraid to get on a piece of lift equipment for three days, just in case something happens - and knock on wood I've never had an accident- I need to be able to pass a drug test!

Dennis had reminded me that you can't smoke in bars, restaurants or clubs anymore so I figured I had nothing to worry about. Yeah right. During the opening act Kendra somebody, I saw plumes of smoke rising. Apparently you can't smoke tobacco cigarettes in bars. clubs or restaurants! Now I did say the food was excellent. Drinks though... they do have a wine list that is several pages long. I cook with wine, I don't really know what kind of wine I would want to drink. The only time I really drink wine is when we're out with friends and they order the wine. Curt doesn't drink wine at all. Ok - I'll admit it - I'm a beer girl. They did not have one beer that I drink! They had becks, something ultra light ( really what is the point?) heineken, bud, bud light, amstel light - I really didn't want to spend the whole evening in the ladies room peeing! Curt got a Stella something beer. I sipped it . eh. Wasn't bad, wasn't good, wasn't worth what they charge for a beer. I ordered a margarita - how hard is it to put some tequilla, grand marnier, and oj in a shaker. Blech!! the worst margarita I have ever had in my life. So I was going to get a soda and this man came out on stage:


I needed alcohol and lots of it! STAT!! So I spent the rest of the night with Jamesons ( I think I spelled that wrong) We left Manhattan at 1:45 ( remember I am at work at 4am) We got home at 2:30. Fortunately we had computer issues during the week and I had a couple hours overtime, so I took a 2 hour nap and went in to work at 6am.

I should seriously get a nomination for wife of the year for living through that evening!! Curt did have a really good time, bought a couple of cd or dvds I'm not sure and a couple of tee shirts. And trying to look at the bright side of the evening- it was fun to go out just the two of us, to a grown up can't bring the kid anyway venue, dressed up with heels and jewelry and everything. Walking back to the parking garage along 42nd street, with still a lot of people and light and everything was kinda cool. To think, 20-25 years ago I spent many an evening ( ok night) wandering through the city because we missed the last PATH TRAIN back to NJ. I don't think I'm old - I think I actually grew up when I wasn't paying attention!

Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend (I'm typing this Friday for tomorrow's post) We're having more anniversary fun this weekend. There is another prepost for tomorrow and I'll tell you about it on MONDAY!

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  1. Stella Artois ~ my current favorite beer. Sounds like a very interesting evening. I hope you have fun tonight.


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