Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ok, so here's some randomness for today. I finished my off-season afghan for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. I had decided last week that I didn't like how the squares were blending and the checkered flag squares were puckering. If I ever make checkers again it will be using bobbins, with each square being bigger. But as it would take way to long to reknit the squares, I decided to go with a black and white granny square which was kind of checkerish. Then since I didn't want just the 4 corners to be crocheted I made 3 other granny squares in colors from other squares. So here is the afghan as it was mailed yesterday. I was going to do a crocheted border, but the width came out to the max width the camp accepts so I left it plain.


By the time I seamed everything up it was already 5:15 ( over 5 hours after the post office closes) and it had to be sent yesterday for the points to count so I ran up to Fedex/Kinkos. First off, I always was under the impression they were open really late. Well, we walk in and the guy says we close in 3 minutes you can come back tomorrow if you want. No I don't want, why would I want to do that?? So I'm filling out the form as fast as I want and the guy is going 2 minutes until we close, we're open from 12-6 tomorrow. So just as he is about to say 1 minute I hand him the package and the form. I SWEAR if I didn't need to send it out yesterday so bad, I'd've walked out. I really think I'm going to fire off an angry e-mail to fed-ex. My daughter realized later that Staples and maybe Office Deot do UPS shipping and we could've gone there. Oh well. So since Fatburgers is a few doors down we got that for dinner. Yes an exciting Valentine's Day dinner. Burgers with my daughter while Curt was bowling. Sigh.

I was in a Valentines caffeine swap in Ravelry and while my package arrived yesterday, they left a tag on the door so she didn't actually get it. So I can't post the package I sent. Here is the one I received.


5 pot size packs of coffee, cappucino, cookies, chocolate, a mug, bear, pencils, a book and yarn!! No idea what I'm doing with the yarn. Angie already "appropriated" the pencils and she's eyeing those m&m's!!

In her last 3 fencing meets Angie has gone undefeated!! Granted 2 were "easy" schools she should have won against, but still awesome job. Right now the girls fencing team has a much better record than the boys team. I think it is because the girl's captains sub more. Since there are 27 bouts in a meet as soon as one side hits 14 they won. At that point the girls generally pull most if not all of the starters and sub in underclassmen. So to look at their record it looks like most of their wins are close meets and their loses blowouts,but last year over 1/2 the team members onboth sides graduated. The girls at least had some depth , the only boy's captain that had subbed regularly was saber so that is the most successful boys squad currently. On the girls squad, the sabers have had a winning record in all but 1 meet this year. Angie is B strip saber. Here's a picture of the starting saber squad. (If they look a bit nuts, they are. I think all saber fencers have that crazed look in their eye and they aren't quite normal)

sabre squad

Well, I'm off to the store. Need food for the week and provisions for the daytona 500 this afternoon. GO TONY!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting you fantastic afghan done and sent! Congrats to Angie too.


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