Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome Game!!

At the Devil's game last night ( which they won 3-2) against the Chicago Blackhawks, Martin Brodeur became the NHL's all time winning goaltender with 552 wins. During the game Patrik ELias broke the teams scoring record with 702. The place was packed and the crowd was really into the game. I think they gave Martin a pair of kindergarten scissors to cut the net with - it took him awhile and 2 other players finished the job while he took a lap around the ice. We had actually bought tickets for this game in February - when we had no idea what the possibilities were for the game.


They were purchased through one of the groups that send me periodic e-mails. So I only paid 25 a tick! Of course it was around 1130 when I got home and I was really tired today ( I get up for work at 230-300) and when I finally got home from work at 3pm - I took a nap for 3 hours!

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  1. While I like Brodeur and normally go nuts when an athlete breaks such a phenomenal record, I am saddened by this one because I grew up ADORING Patty Roy.

    Congrats, certainly, for Martin, but I'm a bit sad that one of Patty's marks on the game has fallen.


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