Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vacation anyone?

I'm sort of playing hookie today. I went into work, but was done with what I had to do by 10:15. I have a headache that Excedrin put in the background but it's still there enough to be annoying. So I told the ops mgr that I was going to lunch and not coming back. After I post here, I'll give a quick check to Ravelry and then I plan on taking a nap!! I would like to say that I really do like my job. But some days/weeks the corporate head honcho's in Atlanta seem like they just want to irritate the sh*t out of me. It's been irritating the last 2 days. Not enough to really piss me off or anything, just enough that I really couldn't deal with it on top of the headache.

I saw on Grace's blog (lovincomfort knits - the link is on my sidebar) that she did the top ten things she likes to do on vacation. Being as work was annoying, I think that pondering vacation would be nice. So I am totally stealing her idea here.


10. Take a nap/ sleep in until at least 5:30.

9. Have a beer with lunch. hefeweizen

8. Not have to wear shoes!!

7. Play with a snowman bonhomme

6. "play" with Curt in the afternoon! ;p

5. Sit and watch a fire.

4. Stay in a mountain chalet skichalet

3. Knit as much as I want.

2. Go shopping!

And the number one thing I like to do on vacation.... here's a hint:



Go skiing!!


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  1. afternoon delight----could make a good song title

    see you tomorrow my friend my cell was in the car sorry about that!!!


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