Friday, March 20, 2009

Fencing Awards Banquet

The fencing awards banquet was held at the Hilton on Monday night. Angie got a varsity pin ( apparently you can only get the actual letter once. makes sense she already has a jacket) She was also announced as sabre squad captain for next year.


This years sabre captain and Angie


Angie's best friend (coach's daughter also a sabre fencer) , Alejandra and Angie ( have I ever mentioned saber fencers are all nuts?)


Angie and her 2 coaches. ( yes, she decided her hair was getting too big- she took a fast shower after track practice and didn't have time to dry or put produce in- so she put it up)


Angie and I


  1. love this post the most, all those great photos!! and Congrats to our girl Angie!!!

    Great shawl BTW!!

  2. Congrats to Angie for getting her letter in fencing and for being named captain for next year.

    Love the shawl too!


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