Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm a Granny!!!

Just what every parent looks forward to. Their 11th grade 17 year old honor student and varsity letter athlete announces that they are about to have......... an eggbaby. Yes I now have an egrandchild Isabella Marie. She has put quite the cramp on Angie's life as she needs to be constantly supervised - and I AM NOT A EGGSITTER. To top it off, if an eggbaby is left unattended - and is eggnapped by another student, said student gets extra credit. If an eggbaby is damaged beyond what all the kings horses can repair, the project gets an F. So without further ado - my egrandbaby.


Unfortunately, Isabella was born with some eye defects and surgery was performed. Here she is post surgery:

Isabella Marie

Surgery was performed by the kings horses and men medical team

kings horses

I'm not sure but Curt and I think we have located the cad that has stuck our poor baby as a teenage mom:



  1. You really need to warn those of us who are just scanning the titles of your posts, you know...


  2. Yeah, I had a small attack. Thought I might have to come restrain you from some sort of bodily harm!

    So are you knitting your egrandbaby a sweater? I think you should.

  3. Well I hope the egg baby is okay and that she will make it until the end of the class. I hope it does not cry. I have had a few friends who's children brought home the doll that really cry's.

  4. OMG that is an awesome post. Congrats by the way!

  5. Congratulations sweety!!!
    Wonderful news!!!!!



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