Saturday, March 21, 2009

I don't know what to blog about

Really I don't know what to say. I lost my keys Thursday night - including the only copy of our mailbox key, so I need to figure that out rather quick. Carmen's back at least at work, so at least for now I no longer have to deal with hardware. Ian - who has been saying he misses me around flooring - is not so sure anymore. See, he forgot that I had been helping out receiving for the 3 months before I took hardware, so he hasn't had my undivided "love" for 6 months. Well, Thursday I brought out 7 skids of tile from receiving and then dropped another 12 out of the racks ( mind you I did half of every one and I'm a girl!) yesterday, he was saying he woke up and was still tired from the day before. I did cut him some slack and we only hit 9 skids and a bunch of area rugs, before I had to go finish my orders and price changes. He told Michele he was glad to be on the closing shift next week, and I was all hers. Hee hee hee!

Last night, Angie was at school - this weekend they are doing Pippin. ( She was able to drive herself to and from - how cool is that - I think) So while she was there, Curt decided to take me out to dinner. We were going to go to an Italian place that makes great Cavatelli, broccoli and shrimp in a garlic/oil sauce. ( being Friday- I don't do meat for lent) But the place was packed and there was a long wait for a table. The Alexis Diner is in the same center, and we had never eaten there despite it having great reviews. The menu looked great, but I wouldn't recommend it to a vegetarian. The hibernia diner in Rockaway has a much better selection, especially of veggie dishes. I had a spinach/mushroom/feta omelet, Curt had the meatloaf special.


This morning I had to run into work for 15 minutes (yes I drove a total of 44 minutes to do something that took all of 15 minutes) It had to be done though, and I could have gone home early on Thursday and saved time to work an hour or four, but I wanted to get in and out. Angie came with me, and I bought her breakfast at Panera's before she had to go to track practice. I love breakfast with Angie. She's not quite awake so is more forthcoming on stuff going on in life. ( me I had an extra large coffee) So as she DROVE off to practice, Curt and I went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I had fried catfish, grits, biscuits and scrambled eggs. Curt had the sampler. yum, but stuffed. And as always I can't leave without buying some chocolate covered pecans.


On the way home, we did some shopping, ( as I was buying some first aid stuff , Angie called me saying she skinned her knee and couldn't find any large bandages - they were in my shopping cart - how weird was that?) Hit Walmart, Target, Costco and Shop Rite. At Costco, I finally caved and bought the Shamwow she wanted. I had a reason though. I figure if I put one of those down instead of a regular towel, while blocking my knitting it should dry faster right? We'll see.


I needed to pick up some beer as well. I got some Sam Adams White Ale (they had no heffenweissen - can't spell that word) and my newest addition to my faves Smithwicks - if you go to a pub its pronounced smitticks . It's made by guinness but isn't all heavy and thick and syrupy. yeah, yeah C told me about it, but really I only tried it 'cause we seem to like/dislike the same brews.

Speaking of beer, There is a pub crawl in Wharton tonight. You buy a $25 tee shirt, a bunch of places are participating ( including Hot Rods) the places provide free food you buy your drinks. I was thinking about going, but Curt's bowling team rescheduled for Thursday night, so since that's really not his thing I may stay home and hang out with him. I so need to get some knitting done. I am halfway through a mitt that needs a mate to be mailed out by next Saturday. I didn't realize that Manos silk blend is sold in 270m hanks in the UK, and as my pattern is a British one, I just read one hank. So I had to go back for another, which they had, and I bought a skein of yarn in a similar color to put in with the mitts and some other goodies for a swap. No more information will be forthcoming, especially no pictures since I don't know if the recipient ever reads my blog.

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend!! Miss your posts Grace - hope you're feeling more upbeat!


  1. One day of not posting and someone misses me!!! I am doing better today, I told Tom I think its his being around that helps, although he was gone for 3 hours this morning trying to find affordable tires (that didn't work and 500$ later i have new tires) and then we went to panera for lunch and Gary;s Wine and market place, I came home knit and he made Shrimp Scampi for dinner and Debb came over, we watched The Happening--M Night Shymalan I liked it, and the Failure to launch, now I blog browsing and then will knit a little more

    Daughter Jeanne loves Smithwicks, and Yuengling they are her faves although she doesn't drink as much lately since she lost 40 something pounds.

    Oh well instead of a comment you got a private post!!

  2. For not knowing what to blog about you had lots to tell us (your devoted readers). I want to see the mittens, so do take a photo you can post after the package is received.


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