Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I cannot tell you how much I hate it when Curt messes with my lap top. And now, that my laptop broke and he is letting me use his old one it is worse. I have asked him about 3 times, 2 weeks apart to try to get the stuff off my old laptop. Now seriously - if I sent it out I would have the stuff already. But if I do he'll be pissed that I paid for something he can do. If I keep bugging him - then I'm bugging him and I swear if he makes me turn into a nag I'll divorce him first. I seriously am thinking about sending it out though, because as I mentioned before I hadn't backed up the harddrive in over a year. So I have been asking him to put iphoto on the laptop, because my camera is filling up. Angie showed me how to use the whole camera as a drive to get pic's off,but that is a pain in the patootie. He finally puts iphoto on and like an idiot I don't try it out with one or 2 pictures I dump my whole camera in and delete the pics off it. Now, I can't get to the library with the flckr downloader. I had to drag these 3 pictures onto the desktop, rename them, and then upload them to flckr. And of course if I ask him why when he gets home - I'm being a pain. I think I'm going to bite the bullet go to the apple store, get a laptop. have them set it up and send my old drive out to get the stuff saved. grrrrrrrr. Thank God he's not a tailor - I'D BE FREAKIN NAKED!!

So my friend Grace of lovincomfortknits designed an Irish Tea Cozy. I decided to make it. First I discovered I needed to go up 4 needle sizes and still got a much smaller cozy than her sample. Second I like cozies with holes for the spout and handle so you don't have to take it off everytime you pour a cup of tea. Third I don't like making pompoms. They always come out weird. So the smaller size worked well because it had a lot of stretch ( ribbing and cables do that I guess) I looked at her other patterns and figured out how to make the holes ( although that had me knitting back and forth for the handle openning and I almost screwed the pattern up there at first, fortunately as I had to go up sizes several times it had to be frogged anyway) The I decided in my warped brain that it would be easier to create on my own ( I am more of an adapter embellisher than an original creator) stuffed shamrock than make a pompom. Finally I looked in my little bins from crafts I dabbled in the past and found some "bling" for my cozy. What do y'all think??

tea cozy

irish tea cozy2

irish tea cozy


  1. The tea cosy is terrific! It is so cute, perfect timing too.

    Have fun with your new laptop!!

  2. sorry about the computer problems--hate when that happens. Your tea cozy is very cute--saw your afghan squares and they look great too!


  3. love the cozy love the background change, much easier to read!!


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