Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rough Week!

Ok, I'm having a rather rough week this week. I finally finished the thumbs on my short fingerless mitts - no pics. I got halfway through Grace's Irish Tea Cozy and realized that I either knit with a deathgrip or she knits so loose I'm surprised her needles don't fall out. ( not insulting you Gracie just amazed we are so off guage wise) So I see that my cozy isn't even close to the size of her cozy, and after trying it on the pot - it may have fit my cup! So I frogged out up to the end of the ribbbing - I decided a tighter ribbing around the bottom was a good thing, since I was knitting a handle openning and spout hole into my cozy ( I don't see why you should take the cozy off everytime you want to pour a cup). I went up to size 9dpn's still kinda tight on the pot after two cable repeats. So I ended up with size 10 dpn's ( her pattern calls for a 16"cable which I don't have in 10's and I could work a longer cable by pulling the excess through but that was too much work. AnywAy, the actual cozy is done working on shamrocks now, but it still is 1/2 the size - srsly, her's would work as a hat I think. mine I don't think will fit an 8 cup pot. I am thinking about makng 2 shamrocks, seaming them together and stuffing them and attaching it instead of the pompom on top of the cozy. Not sure yet. I am also looking through my doodads - I am pretty sure I have a shamrock button somewhere. I may make a little loop and sew a button on to hold the 2 pieces by the handle together. no pics yet.

I haven't touched my socks since Friday and I forget to mark where I was on the pattern- so we'll see if I can figure it out. I want to do ruth's scarf - but I'm still not 100% on which yarn I want to ball up. I was torn between abby and ice queen for my silky merino cowl/smoke ring. After careful consideration and the fact that ice queen is written for lace weight , I think I will be doing the abby.

I missed knitting group today :( my carpet truck's 9am appt didn't START unloading him until 10:30 because they had the only guy with a license to the carpet boom in the office for 2 hours!! And they had 3 deliveries worth of carpet rolls!! He still had 2 mom and pops. he was so late to the next store the guy who unloads him there went to lunch. Sigh. he got to my store over 2 hours late ( which technically is 1/2 an hour early, but kills my day) So I worked 11 1/2 hours! So now I HAVE OVER 5 HOURS OF OVERTIME! So I guess I'll leave early tomorrow, go in late on Friday ... I was really looking forward to knitting too! I wanted to ask Grace about my tea cozy also.

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  1. Here is to a better day tomorrow!

    Thanks for the felt comment. GRRRR I should have followed my gut because my gut said don't do it.


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