Sunday, March 22, 2009

Even though I rarely make a gauge swatch...


I think all designers, especially published designers should be required to put them in their patterns. Because even though I don't usually swatch, I can still tell as I'm working on my project if it's close to gauge or not. As I have mentioned before, I do tend to be a tight knitter. But my last project, the Irish tea cozy needed to be frogged and reknit. I was working on my mitts for the swap as I mentioned yesterday. First, I have to say the pattern confused me a bit because instead of YO they use Yfwd. But I was able to figure that out relatively easily. There is no gauge in the pattern, maybe because the pattern is featured in 3 very different yarns. But after I did the thumb, I sort of tried it on my hand. Mostly to make sure the thumb was loose enough because my yarn doesn't really stretch much. I then realized that once I seamed up the sides it might fit my teenage daughter's skinny friends but would be tight on Angie and definitely tight on another adult. So, after a hug from Curt, I FROGGED IT!! Went up a needle size. I am more comfortable with the pattern now and it is reknitting faster. But still, I was hoping to be finished today. Of course wandering around the internet isn't helping.


So hoping everyone has a great day! Tony looked yummy in his interview on raceday. Race starts soon - GO SMOKE!!!!!!

Oh! almost forgot - went to Borders this morning at 9am, when they first open, and I checked under the cushions of the chair I was knitting in on Thursday nite ( I had already called and they said there were no keys in the lost and found, but I figured if they came off the clip in the chair, they wouldn't be in the lost and found) And YAY!!! found my keys (and a quarter) but found my keys!!


  1. Clicking love because I'm glad you found your keys. Clicking disagree because I disagree re: your TLV comments. :P

    You know, you really should join us for the gchat group chats during races. Just sayin'...

  2. That is so cool that you found your keys and the way you found them! Sorry you had to frog your mitts.

  3. I can't believe you found your keys, I think that is super!!

    I wonder who clicked disagree as a reaction to your most, either a swatch lover or Tony naysayer I would guess!!

  4. Glad you found your keys. I love borders but I have to drive to Greensboro about 35 minutes away. I hope you have a great week. I hope you post a picture of the project you are working on when you are finished.


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