Monday, November 24, 2008

Check it out! Reactions!

Check out the bottom of this post, reaction boxes! right now I have them set to love, yawn, funny, agree and disagree. I may change that going forward but it is a start. How cool is this? Since most of my visitors come here from Ravelry, they will be familiar with these.

I had a great birthday, started out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel (grits, catfish, eggs & biscuits) Had homemade tex-mex for lunch and chinese for a seriously late dinner (breakfast was at 7a, dinner at 11p) My house is still a wreck (sigh) I guess I know what I'll be doing on Saturday. ( I have to work black friday, even though no vendors will be open and receiving will be closed, there will still be possible price changes and friday's orders and audits have to be done.) Plus I have to cover for Dennis in his 2 dept's. I do owe him - he covers my 12 day vacation at the end of December every year. But the real bummer is the building is closed on Thursday. They won't re-open it until 5am on friday. This means I have to work until 2 instead of 1. And since I'm working 4 days I can't use the extra time I have from the beginning of the week to leave early. As I mentioned before receiving is closed ( they make receivers work on the floor and attempt to help customers ) so no carpet truck ;( and unless my bound rems shipped first thing this morning I don't think I'll have a truck on wednwsday either ;( Sigh.

As soon as my daughter comes home from school to help me with the random number generator thing, I will have winners from my blog contest --- so stay tuned! Also, I have to download pic's of the sock I started and the hat I finished.


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