Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Plans

I am actually writing this on Thursday night, as I am spending Friday and Saturday in Connecticut with Curt and Angie. She is going to take a tour of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield and Quinipiac on Friday. On Saturday she is taking a tour and informational session at Yale. We should be back on Saturday night but since I don't know what time we'll be back or if I feel like posting at that time. So to keep up with NaBloPoMo on Day 8, I am posting in advance.

This whole college search thing is going to be very interesting and possibly slightly traumatic. One of the schools Angie wants to look at is Syracuse. Ok, I asked her why Syracuse. Her answer - they get a lot of snow. Oh boy. We had a discussion on things she needs to look at, and she then weeded out a bunch of schools because they are in the middle of nowhere and she wants a town - she loved New Haven last time we were there, loves Baltimore, loves Boston. She wants to be within 4-6 hours away from home. She's not so into the whole Greek thing. She really doesn't like cliquey type social behaviour. She wants a school with fencing, and a big intramural option. She likes tennis and volleyball but doesn't think she's that good and doesn't want to invest that much in them once she gets to college. She's not 100% sure what she wants to do as far as discus and jav. She wants to visit lehigh at some point also. Out of the 3 schools this weekend, Yale is her dream school. She picked the other 2 because they are interesting to her and they are reasonably close to yale. She thinks that once she sees 3 schools and the different things they offer it will give her a better idea of how to look at prospective schools.

On another note - she definitely made it into powderpuff football. She got to pick her number. Originally she wanted 80 for Jerry Rice, but they were only going up to 50 so she picked 43, Bobby Labontes number. Trust me, there will be pics up after that game.

I took a 4 day weekend from work - originally we were going to Yale on Thursday and Boston for the rest of the weekend, but Angie had a meeting for her trip to Equador with Global Citizens network. So here's something that sort of is a pain, She needs to fundraise at least 33% of the cost of the trip. Because they don't want it to be a trip of kids whose parents just write a check. Mind you 3000 is a lot of money and it is a big payment for us to be making for her to do charity work. But, maybe it's because of all the fundraising we were forced to do during all those years of Catholic school, but fundraising is going to be a pain in the a$$! Sigh. I can't tell you how much I needed to just get away from that place. Of course in order to take 2 days off, I ended up working 3 10 hour days and was even more stressed when I left on Wednesday. I won't find out until Monday what I was expecting last Wednesday. It's freaking killing me!! I am even letting Dan unload my carpet truck on Friday. I thought about cancelling Friday's delivery and bringing it in on Monday, but they really need one of the rolls on that truck.

"see" you all on Sunday!

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