Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey All!!

Hey all! Trip knitting did not go that well. I got about 2 inches done on the bottom of my market bag. I really should have done that part before leaving, as it's easier for me to do the mesh part in the car. So on the ride out to Conn. my motion issues seemed to be out in full force. A couple ginger chews helped immensly but I had to take a lot of breaks. I got about 2 inches done on an afghan square while waiting for tours. I was so shot when we got to the hotel, I fell asleep for 45 minutes before we went out for dinner. ( Being a bit under the weather is what usually triggers motion issues ) On the ride home yesterday it was dark and rainy ( Took 3 hours to get home just under 2 to get out there) So I was sort of in and out of a nap the whole ride.

Angie liked Sacred Heart, wasn't too crazy about Quinipiac . Yale she still loves. Of course walking around the campus in the rain was hugely fun. This is the first time we'd been inside the residential colleges. Very very Harry potter. Complete with long wooden tables and huge chandeliers in the dining halls. All students are assigned a residential college which remind me a lot of Gryffindor etc (ok no evil slytherin but you get it) Each college is a dorm, a dining hall, library, common rooms etc etc. Each college has a live in dean and "master". All the intramurals are between the colleges. Although freshmen from 10 out of 12 colleges live in "old campus" apparantly upper classmen help the kids from there college move in, get aclimated get involved in their college. Angie loves the idea - also since most of them were built in the early 1920's and 30's and were inspired by Oxford, they all look like castles. But the insides were all redone one at a time in the last several years so they are all fully modern behind the oldness. Wireless etc. Even the freshmen ge to live in suites - the other schools angie looked at had standard freshmen dorms and suites for upperclassmen. Well, she has the grades, has extracurriculars, community service. She better buckle down for her SAT's and write one hell of an essay. 23,000 kids apply 1900 get in. Well we'll see what happens. Her guidance counselor says she needs a reach school.

Sports wise - I don't know why I even bother. The devils lost, Notre Dame didn't even score, WV lost, I threw my support behind LSU for one day and Bama won. Race at Pheonix today. At least the 49ers don't play til tomorrow. Of course that means I'll be up way past my bedtime. stress.....

Hope everyone's had a great weekend so far!

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