Sunday, November 2, 2008

more sock yarn

So - this is the yarn I have decided to use to make the yarnarian's mystery sock. It is actually a solid color yarn - not one of the 2 I posted last week. i won the yarn with my second place entry in ceci9293 (ravelry) blog contest about solving computer issues. ( my answer was my IT Sugar Daddy) It's solid, it's pink. so as long as I figure out how to modify the pattern to be short ankle socks Angie will wear them.

So now I'm having flashbacks to college - cramming. I have 2 1/2 feet of seaming left to do on the red/white/blue afghan for VJGC (victory junction gang camp) then I have to do a single/double crochet border in three colors around it so the size will be correct. I hope to do that while I'm at the laundromat. I then also have to finish about 8 rows on my ripple 'ghan. All this has to be done so I can mail them out with tomorrow's postmark!! I can really picture myself mailing the ripple out tomorrow afternoon and knitting in line at the post office!!!

I can't wait for wednesday. I am so tired of all the polls about the election. I am so done with afghans. I will deal with whomever wins Tuesday, I want to knit something else!!! ( Yes I am behind because i spent a week doing cowls, but ggaaaaaahhhhh)

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  1. Go Ria Go Ria you can do it, you can get it all done!! love the new sock yarn


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