Sunday, November 23, 2008

The end of an era. The longest standing driver/crewchief pair in NASCAR split. It will definitely be odd next year to see some punk kid in the orange 20. My best thoughts and wishes definitely go out to Zippy and the entire 20 crew. Those guys are true champions. And looking with some uncertainty at Daytona in February. Although as anyone who knows me knows, my heart will always belong to Tony, and I will be out in full force rooting for the 14!

Of course first I must survive a very long, long, long winter without my NASCAR fix. I feel the dt's coming on already.

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  1. My son's in laws go to Daytona every year, and many many other races too, they bought a huge motor home that they take following the circuit!

    Tuesday is good, same bat time, same bat station???

    Hope your birthday was great!


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