Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Everyone Who Needs Photographic Evidence

cowboy fan

No your eyes are not deceiving you. That is me. I have on a Dallas Cowboy Jersey, hat, gloves, earrings, hair ribbons, and facepaint. Scariest Halloween costume I've ever worn!! The whole costume came about thursday as I was discussing costumes with my friends. They said my 4 go to costumes ( she-devil, vampire queen, evil witch, fetish fairy) don't count as costumes because they are too much like the real me ( as if for one day I take off my normal person costume) They said to count as a costume it needs to be something as unlike me as possible - like an Angel or a nice person etc. So after much thinking I called my friend/boss Moe at 9pm - woke him up, I thought he was going in to work at 930 oops. And after a lot of confusion on his part, he agreed to bring in Dallas gear for me to wear. Because let's face it I hate the cowboys with every cell in my body. My husband said it reminded him of a Dharma and Greg episode when Greg's parents want to borrow Dharma's parents clothes to be their costumes.

A couple people thought I had lost a bet, not even recognizing it as a Halloween costume. Discovered that curtis can't get over his dilike of facepainters even when it's me in a costume in the paint.

Angie and her friends went out as beanie babies. They went by beanie baby birthday to pick out their bears. Angie used the computer to create patterns to make stencils to spray a long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants. The also made big red posterboard heart tags. Very cute.

Beanie Baby

I was somewhat disappointed by the low turnout of trick or treaters. WE only had 3 kids. A beetlejuice, a disney princess and a beaver. So now I have a bowl of candy left. And Angie put an extra 117 pieces of candy in the bowl as well. I did get smart after last year. Bought less candy of the stuff i like snagging. . . that may not help my waistline though.

Had a rough day at work yesterday. Was really pissed. they are using my computer after I leave for inventory prep. They PROMISED to plug it in and have it charged in the morning. Yeah right. Well for the 3rd time in the last week it went dead in the first hour I was at work. Which meant that my must do work did not get done first thing. So after I freaked out on Moe ( yes right after he brings me my costume - I am evil) I plugged in my computer and went back to receiving to unload a truck. by the time I got the whole 53 feet done I was feeling a bit better so I volunteered to unload the concrete truck outside. The cold felt soooo good. Went to lunch. Came back started hitting the stuff I should have done in the morning. Would you believe the transformer or something blew up? The power blinked for a minute but it totally screwed up the ISPs ( no idea what they do but they all the computers in the building) and my cart after rebooting the cart 5 times I was totally pissed again.. I stormed back to receiveing ( the only safe place to freak out since I kinda have a potty mouth) and my carpet truck had just shown up. YAY! Did the truck, hung out and bs'ed with him for a while because I couldn't do my job and he had a bit before he had to be at his next stop.


  1. thank goodness for the carpet truck, your costume is hilarious

  2. Hiya! A fellow NaBloPoMo knitter stopping by to say hello here and to wish you well on your 'post a day' goal. Great costumer, btw! :-)

  3. Hiya! I jumped over here from Ravelry...I need to visit other blogs more often! It is a hoot to read what other people are thinking and/or doing.

    Loved the football costume! I hate the Cowboys too! Always have!

    I am heading to Cleveland to watch the Browns on Thursday night though! Can't wait!
    I haven't decided if I like Tony Stewart or husband is a Nascar fan-he likes him!
    Great afghans too!


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