Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knitting updates

Over the weekend I finished the unpurled hat (will be making an unpurled cowl to match)

cable hat

I also have been working on the hidden in my sock shoe

hidden in my shoe sock

I met up with Grace at Mara's this afternoon. I am utterly exhausted, but
I just needed to get with someone who would listen to me whine.
(PS please say a prayer for her friend's daughter who has some serious issues) She brought the 3 hanks of yarn she wound into cakes for me. yay!

I wandered through the whole liquor store looking for wine to bring my sister in law for thanksgiving. I got Billy Goat Shiraz. It is really an inside joke for my father in law who keeps threatening to buy a bunch of goats to marry her off.

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  1. actually its not a bad shiraz and i had a wonderful time too, its nice to have a friend to share things with! Happy Thanksgiving Ria to you and yours


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