Sunday, November 16, 2008


lacey anklet

So I finished the lacey anklets. Have some issues with the yarn ( of course being a freebie my friend Sandy gave me from a knitters retreat/convention she went to I can't complan too bad) the left sock pooled a lot. Seriously. It's even worse on the bottom, but i can't take a picture of the bottom of my foot - not as limber as I once was. Ok, it was a giveaway. but why would i then want to spend money on hanks when the yarn pooled. And i know sometimes the colorways pooling is pretty. Not here. The other thing - i should take a pic of the yarn I have left. if you wanted to make socks that actually went up your calf you would need at least 3 hanks. Also had some issues with the pattern. I thought the reason the first sock came out twisty was that I missed the fact that every other k2tog row was through the back loop. Well I did it right on the second sock and it is still a bit twisty. On the plus side - they are comfy and they are short so they'll be under my sneakers most of the time.

lacey anklet

My daughter worked the concession stand at the football game this morning. ( it's warm 65ish but on and off pouring rain today and she wondered why there were'nt a lot of people in the stands!) I had gone grocery shopping at 7:30 this morning, so while she was at the game Curt and I snuggled under the covers for a rainy day nap. Bliss sheer bliss!

Tomorrow I better get comfy in my car. Angie has a can shake for her fencing team at Shop Rite from 845 to 11. But she has powderpuff practice from 930 to 1015 because they never practiced on the field. So she got another girl to come cover from 920 to 1020. I'm the chaperone for that time, so Curt has to come pick her up and bring her back. Then she has to go 2 towns over to work on a fund raiser for her trip to equador. for half an hour. She has to be back at the field for her powderpuff game by 12:45. I'm hoping to get home by 3 or 330 to watch the final Nascar race of the season. And worry about the 49ers.

Friday the Devils lost. But last night they won in 2 overtimes. Sigh. The Irish won today. I watched the Yale / Princeton game instead of the Notre Dame game in case it was me jinxing them. The Aggies lost, but by only 20 points woo hoo....

I think I need some kind of anti-depressant or sedative for the weekends. One weekend I'm going to have a cranial implosion or something.

Angie went out to the movies last night. Stressed a bit as her friend drove her ( but on the plus side it isn't one of her "flaky" friends) but it was seriously pouring rain. Curt was bowling so I was home alone. Pretty pathetic, but I actually enjoyed the empty house.

Day 16 of NaBloPoMo and I am still in it! I had my doubts if I'd do it, but I'm over the hump now!

Don't forget to leave a comment to my post from Nov. 14th! Contest is for 2 different hand dyers yarn! Gift cert/credits so you can order what you like! Contest ends on Saturday the 22nd!!

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  1. I like the lacy socks. Very cute... I might have to make them in my Jr. colorway...


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