Friday, November 7, 2008

Updates- sort of

Ok, don't have much to write about today. I can't say I've been very productive on the knitting front this week. min needs some yellow squares for the Victory Junction Gang Camp afghans she is seaming from participants that sent in squares not full out 'ghans. Ok, she actually needed a bunch of different squares, but I have some yellow yarn left over from the bright blocks afghan. That really isn't going that well because as I said the other day when I mailed out my 'ghans I am sooo over afghans right now. I'm going to see how much I can get done this weekend and then mail what I've done on Monday.

I have also gotten about 12 rows done on my lacey anklets. One anklet has been done for months - I'm about halfway done on the second. I'm not calling it second sock syndrome, it just fell victim to my "oh my god I have 3 afghans in a partial state of completion that need to be mailed on Nov 3rd" panic. I want to get those done so I can use the needles to work on my 49er socks. I do not (although I have been extremely tempted) want to buy another set of dpn's to make socks with.

I got my husband to be a human swift on Thursday and rolled one skein of pink yarn into a center pull ball. I want to start on Ruth's mystery sock- although I am kind of shrinking the rib and leg to make anklets, so catching up should not be hard as long as I get started before she starts the heel flap.

I have some more Tweedle Dee yarn that I want to try Jen's unpurled cable hat and another set of hat and cowl. I'm giving them to people who won't appreciate malabrigo yarn for Christmas. Yes those sad people do exist!

I am going to Connecticut for the weekend. I plan on bringing the lacey anklets and the yellow yarn for squares. I have to figure out a crochet project because I can't knit in the car but I can do easy crochet. Maybe I'll make another market bag.

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