Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes I'm still here

So I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was what they wanted it to be. We played an interesting game yesterday. Before dinner everyone had to fill out 5 papers with something they were thankful for. Then, they got read off and people had to guess who wrote it. I didn't know about the guessing part so mine were for the most part easy.

1. My wonderful, spirited, funny, smart, caring, scarily goal oriented daughter.
2. That I married someone who after 18 years is still my love, soulmate, partner, but most of all my bestest friend.
3. That my mom just got her clean mamogram 1 year after surgery, as she still has so much to share with my daughter.
4. That my father in law is a ready willing and able partner in crime for my daughter.
5. That even though I sometimes seem to have some kind of multiple personality disorder ( please anyone with actual diagnosed mental illness do not be offended) I have great friends to go with each facet of my craziness.

So let's see, brother, sister and sister in law not married, Angel the only grand kid. How hard were those to guess. One of Curt's was "my wife still takes my breathe away" how cool is that??

An article I read talked about a survey that said American's have less to be thankful for this year and I think that's sad. Because it shows how in our consumer culture, people consider things more to be thankful for than the people in their lives. And I really can't stand most people on the planet. And I read another news article how people at a Walmart charged the door this morning, knocked over the man opening the door and trampled him. When he was on the ground people were stepping on him. And then they got mad when the police made them all leave because someone had been killed. How freaking crazy is that?? My thoughts and prayers go out to that man's family. They also injured a woman 8 months pregnant.

This morning my daughter worked the gift wrap table at Borders to raise money for her fencing team. Afterward she wandered the mall with her friend Fiona. SO when I got home from work at 115, Curt took me to lunch at the diner.


  1. Ria, I loved reading your thankful items, that was really really sweet, did you ever announce the winner of your contest and I missed it??

    It was terribly sad what happened at that wal-mart wasn't it, I am feeling much better tonight! Glad you got an early day yesterday!!! See you soon My word verification is cable, how knittingly appropo!

  2. Well said, Ria. We've got to get back to an understanding of what's truly important in this country.

  3. Right on Ria :) Holidays are very difficult for me for several reasons, but there is so much to be thankful for, really. We have running water, electricity, food, clothes, a place to sleep. The Lord has certainly blessed us.

    Big hugs to you and yours,

    Kay / dkswife on Ravelry if you didn't know that

  4. You said it all very well - as a society we seem to have lost track of what is truly important. Your husband has it right, though! What an awesome, melt-your-heart, fall-in-love-all-over-again moment!


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