Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carnivore's 100

Ok, quick update and then I'll leave you with a meme to ponder. Yesterday, I met up with Sandy, Grace and Jacqui. Yes, you read that right, Jacqui and Grace finally hooked up. I kept picturing the m&m's commercial with Santa when they each goes he does exist and pass out. Hee hee hee. Had the fencing booster club meeting last night. Still too aggravated to write about that.

Today, work was kind of slow. I had stuff I could do, just didn't want to and it could wait. There were NO trucks to do :( But I did get my carpet truck in. C was in rare form though. Picked on me the whole time.

I did meet up with Grace after work and we drove down to Bernardsville to the Knit Lab, a LYS. I always meant to get down there, just never did. Anyway the huge sign in the window said up to 70% off, didn't see anything past 50. Grace got a bunch of yarn, I was havng more issues. See I decided I'm not buying more orange yarn for a while, cause Tony had his last ride in the orange 20 last Sunday. His new ride is red w/black and white. So I really need some red stuff. There was so much wonderful orange yarn though, it just kept calling out to me! Sigh. Did find red + multi colored yarn and pink Lobster Pot yarn - a gorgeous wonderful feeling bulky yarn hand dyed in a Lobster Pot and line dried on Cape cod. I'm making Angie a cowl with it. I'll post pic's in a week or so- Grace took the hanks home to wind into balls for me.... THANKS GRACE!!!! This is like the perfect plan. Curt will be mad I bought stuff 3 days before my birthday, 'cause I yell at him when I don't know what he wants and he buys himself something right before his birthday or Christmas or whatever. But yarn isn't something I could send him for, and a GC doesn't work if I don't know if they have anything I want. So this way when it comes in the house it will be balls and he won't notice it. So I'm not hiding anything, just keeoing the peace!

I ran a few errands and then took a nap for an hour and a half. Made dinner and now here I am.

The Carnivore’s Hundred

I got this from knitguy on Ravelry's blog. Seemed cool, since I am the ultiimate carnivore!! So it turns out I've tried 68, want to try 16, don't even want to see 16.

1. Green what you have tried
2 Blue what you want to try
3. Red what you never want to cross your lips

The Carnivore’s Hundred

1. American-style bacon
2. Canadian bacon
3. Prosciutto with melon
4. Pork belly, braised
5. Pork butt, smoked
6. Pork ribs, smoked
7. Roasted leg of lamb with mint jelly
8. Gyros
9. Duck confit
10. Roasted chicken
11. Standing rib roast, rare
12. Chitlins
13. Cracklins
14. Boudin or blood sausage
15. Haggis
16. Peking duck
17. Roasted turkey with traditional American accompaniments
18. Roasted goose with traditional English accompaniments
19. Foie gras
20. Pate campagne
21. Moo Shu pork
22. Shepherd’s pie
23. Steak and Kidney pie
24. Chicken and dumplings
25. Turduken (although Angie does)
26. Venison sausage
27. Pork cheeks (I don’t know how I haven’t had pork cheeks yet)
28. Pickled Pigs Feet
29. Barbacoa (not into sheep, once it grows past lamb I'm done)
30. Birria
31. Chicken Marbella
32. Steak tartare
33. Beef Bourguignon
34. Potatoes roasted in duck fat
35. Spam (not by choice - should be an option of tried - never again)
36. Tandoori chicken
37. Lamb vindaloo
38. Spaghetti Bolognese
39. Cuban sandwich
40. Croque Monsieur
41. Philadelphia cheesesteak
42. Chicken Satay
43. Shabu-shabu
44. Teppanyaki
45. Schwarma (Guy Fieri made a version just last week I want to try)
46. Meatloaf
47. Beef Wellington
48. Beef tenderloin with béarnaise
49. Taco salad
50. Chili con carne
51. Pastisto
52. Corned beef brisket
53. Bangers and mash
54. Guinea pig
55. Ropa vieja
56. Wurst (any)
57. Lamb tagine
58. Kosher hot dog (New York-style)
59. Jerk chicken
60. Chorizo
61. All-American hamburger
62. Pigeon/Squab
63. Steak frites
64. Pastrami
65. Salami
66. Sweetbreads
67. Wiener schnitzel
68. Goulash
69. Pho
70. Char siu bao
71. Kalua pig
72. Pork rinds
73. Scrapple or goetta
74. Jaegerspaetzle
75. Sauerbraten
76. Tongue sandwich
77. Baked ham
78. Frog legs
79. Alligator
80. Squirrel
81. Liver and onions( mom made me when I was a kid - yuck)
82. Bone marrow and marmalade
83. Cevapcici
84. Creamed beef on toast
85. Red-eye gravy
86. Head cheese
87. Jambalaya
88. Steak Diane
89. Veal piccata
90. Bulgogi
91. Smoked chicken (barbecue)
92. Beer can chicken
93. Chicken teriyaki
94. Coronation chicken (curried chicken salad)
95. Ostrich
96. Rogan josh
97. Poutine
98. Chicken mole
99. Irish beef stew
100. Loose meat

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