Monday, November 10, 2008

Have to take some pics

Ok, haven't taken any pic's haven't looked for any pics. Will bring pic's back soon. Mailed Min the yellow squares today. Seriously, no more afghans. Love Tony, want to get him points, not that bad! Next year, granny squares, no afghans, definitely no ripples. The last month knitting was actually more stress!

House still a mess, not working on it right now. Pondering laundry, not looking good for today. I didn't get out of work until 2:20 this afternoon. ugghhh. I knew I'd be paying for the 4 day weekend. Do you want to know what was the worst part of it?? The last half hour was doing my sorta boss' paperwork that was supposed to be done by Friday. I usually do it, because if he starts changing counts etc, it will make me nuts trying to fix what he screws up. But I had a lot to do last week. So on Wed when I was leaving (after 3 - I'm supposed to be out by 1) I had it about 70% done. I gave it to him to finish. It was taped to my computer this morning. then he wanted to know how soon it would be done because it was due on fri. I told him I'd do it before I left but my job was getting done first. Then I have no idea who taught the guys at the DC to load a trailer, but seriously they have got to be kidding. The biggest problem is we have these drop down beams in our trailers. The trucks from the vendors don't so our trailers are practically 6 inches shorter on the inside. So these guys take stuff off the vendors trailers, and slide them onto ours. Which you can do pushing the pallet along the floor. The only problem is to get them off you have to lift them at least a hair because you are pulling them off. Well they don't leave the hair. I have been getting very creative, both with my machine work and with the constant stream of curses coming out of my mouth. I almost dumped $2000 of light bulbs that were balanced weirdly on a skid of my tile, and you know nothing was going to happen to my tile (that's why I do the trucks with my tile on them.) And being Monday, I'm supposed to get to play with my carpet truck. I had rems ship on Wed. When they ship on Wed I usually get them on Friday or if they're late on Monday. I also had a roll of commercial carpet ship Wed. So that should have been in today. So I was actually happy because I have a bunch of stuff on Wed afternoon ( my re-scheduled nail appt and an equip inventory at my daughters school) so I was going to leave early. Well by 130, I called the terminal and no, no truck today. So it will be here Wed. Great. Still haven't found anything out at work. Getting to where I don't want to care but I can't stop myself and there is a very un-Ria like pessimist inside my head saying it will turn out exactly how I don't want. Need a shovel, must start digging a hole.

I have given up on Ruth (the Yarnarian's) mystery sock. I was trying to squish the top to make an ankle sock, because neither Angie nor I wear socks over our sneakers. There is no way in hades to squish the top. So looking for a new pattern to use on the pink sock yarn. I still have to finish my lacey anklet so I can start on the 49er sock yarn. I am tempted to join the holiday swap on my msn knitting group. if I do , I'm making the unpurled cowl and the matching hat. I have yarn don't know if I want to deal with another knitting deadline. quick question - can one knit in a hole? Need superwash yarn, need superwash yarn now!

I'm not mad at Curt anymore, but my feelings are seriously hurt. Seriously. Now he's getting pissed about that. But I'm not going to lie and say they aren't. I don't even know what to tell him I need to feel better. I really don't. this has so far transcended our original argument it isn't even funny. I really feel like if my promises aren't sh*t to him why did he marry me?? There are only maybe 4 people alive on this planet right now who actually have access to that part of my brain/heart/soul whatever, that allows my feelings to be hurt ( sad to say my mom is not one of them) and he does. Not helping my whole " the world is crumbling I want to crawl into a hole thing" Not one bit. Must make the hole big enough for alcohol!

Still have managed to avoid all news regarding last weeks election. I am in serious don't want to deal with this denial. So I guess I have to bring enough chocolate for 4 years in my hole. Hmmm, maybe need a cave, don't think I want to actually dig a hole that big. to much work. Although I always wanted to operate a back hoe. Do you think I could learn to do that and get a job on a back hoe?? Then I won't have to seal with whatever crap happens at work. yeah that's the ticket. Find a backhoe school, or maybe crane operator? I don't want to drive one of those paving trucks - that looks too hot for my taste. Oooh speaking of hot, I can drive a backhoe around hot shirtless construction workers!! ok this is starting to sound like porn. With my luck I'd get the bald, beerbelly hairy crew. yuck!

Now for the "big" news. if you've actually made it this far down my rant you can be the first to get a heads up. My Ravelversary is Friday. 11.14. My birthday is Sat 11.22.. I am working up a scheme for a blog contest between those 2 dates. I am not prolific or skilled enough to give away finished goods. I don't really know what yarn would be the most popular as a give away. So ( I use that word too much I think) although I have no idea what the contest will be about, I am going to do a gift cert to scoutsswag she's the one who dyed my 49er sock yarn - does awesome work. And to support the jersey gal from whom I bought my most recent yarn I am trying to work out something with Ruth (the yarnarian) for a gift cert for a hank of yarn and pattern. She doesn't do gift cert's but is going to try to work with me on this. So mark the date and remember to check back here on 11.14!!


  1. you need a knitting date at Mara's sounds like you have alot on your plate, looking forward to your contest, and hopefully getting together later this week!!!! Feel better my friend, Grace

  2. Aww I'm sorry you still have hurt feelings. That is a big bummer.

    I'm so with you on the election thing. I have a very well developed denial system and I just keep pretending it didnt happen and my husband knows better than to burst my little, pink bubble of denial. It could mean a serious meltdown or worse.

    Bring chocolate here, don't forget booze.

  3. I am sorry your feeling go hurt so bad by your husband. I hope you will be able to get over the hurt feelings in time. I also hope you will get over the out come of the election soon too. Maybe you can in time give the president elect a chance to prove himself once he is in office. I plan to start work this weekend on squares for he victory junction gang camp project. I live less than an hour away from the camp. I would like to visit but I have not had the chance. I did watch a video at work and one of the people that works for the camp talked about the camp it sounds wonderful.


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