Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling slightly more upbeat today at work, although not hugely motivated to do a lot. Had no trucks to play with, so had to do my actual job. I did have some overtime so I got to leave half an hour early, YAY! Two of my friends (both guys) finally were able to help me resolve my hurt feelings and make up with Curt ( and they say women are the complicated creatures!) so I am definitely happier on that front.

Went to meet with my Ravelry knitting friends in Denville. Had some yummy new england clam chowder ( a cold rainy day today) and a turtle cappucino. definitely had some fun although the "F" aura kicked in and Grace who just complimented a fellow customer on a sweater go the whole story of just about every sweater this lady ever owned, and a story about a scandanavian woman who used to fix them. Wish I could just veg tonight, but Angie has a fencing lessona half hour away (good thing me and curt are getting along again - he'll keep me company ant least) hopefully he'lldrive - I really want a nap!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the start of my ravelversary blog contest! (still trying to figure out the details)

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  1. like I said I wound up sorry I asked, but I guess she just needed to talk at the time!!! I still think the sweater was great. I enjoyed by carrot/ginger soup and my Chai but could have skipped the lemon bar!!! Went to Target tonight, no mixers, and then jose tejas for mexican, now he is sleeping and i am going to knit for awhile Emailed you too!!


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