Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slightly better mood!

Should have gone to bed at halftime last night. The 49er game last night was heartbreaking! On the plus side, the quarterback has leadership potential and the team was playing as a team for the first time in I don't know how long. Singletery has a lot of passion and drive and has inspired the team. The only problem I see is that he's going for a rough physical running kind of game and the personnel he is dealing with is more set up for the passing finesse kind of game. I don't know how much Frank Gore is getting paid, but it should probably be doubled!! So a loss, but a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not quite so upset with aCurt. Thanks to my friend Moe. And his attempt to interpret the "male" response. Plus with Angie's powderpuff practice we have had a chance to just hang out a bit the two of us. Really haven't talked about it, but I guess actions mean more and talking just gets us in trouble anyway.

Work - right now things are on a day by day basis and we'll see how it goes. Sheesh. way to be indecisive. We had an audit no one told me about today, plus a dm walk and a vp showed up. So the mgrs are all like no freight , no pallets, no carts in receiving or on the floor. How do these people think stuff gets on the shelves! So of course the trailer I normally unload had 2 po's that come from vendors that are causing me fits. So I negotiated unloading the full trailer onto the empty trailer. but I got it all checked in and I tore apart the 2 po's in question ( I was missing 36 things thank you very much!) Then I snuck one pallet of cedar closet liner onto the floor ( we've been down to 4 boxes for 3 weeks) and got 4 guys to help me slam it onto the shelf before I got caught on the floor with the skid. Then I kept sneaking one box at a time. it had me in hysterical giggles.

Went to mail a package out, discovered the post office was closed. had to take it to fed ex instead! Did my laundry yay! Stopped at shoprite for a few things. Picked up some winter ale. Really wanted old fezzywig ale by sam adams. Had some in their winter assortment case last week and really liked it. I asked the cashier if they could order beers they don't carry. He said no problem in case qty's. So I'll have it by the weekend! YAY!

Not 100% yet, but getting better. Still avoiding the whole election thing.

Don't forget! My blog contest will be announced on Friday, my one year blogversary!! Keep watching!

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  1. You have been one busy bee. :) Happy early blogiversary! Looking forward to the contest -- whee!


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