Saturday, November 29, 2008

For my yarnie friends

Here's the promised pic's from my trip to Bernardsville last week with Grace.


The Lobsterpot yarn for Angie's cowl.

artyarns supermarino

Artyarns supermarino. For socks for me!

A Thank you out to Grace for making them cakes for me :)

So here are the two projects I could actually reach from my seat on the couch:

hidden in my sock shoe

One completed sock and the second one started - pink for angie.

another unpurled cowl

I cast on this morning for Angie's cowl, but I can't work on it right now because I don't want her to see it until Christmas.

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  1. Ooooh1 I love those pink yarns. The socks look really neat. I knit low top socks for my kids, so they go pretty fast and are fun to knit. I'm anxious to see how the cowl turns out.


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